Friday, February 2, 2018

Bit Multigrain

“Takes all kinds,” they say. Just who are "they", and why are they lying? ALL conceivable kinds probably won’t ever coexist, which might be a blessing. Roster that does, well, you can only let pass, pray they’ll stay away, probably souldn't fret over. To accurately rephrase, “Don’t sweat differences in appearances or customs, yet uphold laws for peaceful interaction without reprehensible encroachment.” Remember, diversity enables progress and preserves gene pool. Biblically speaking, “Man doth not live by bread alone.”

Cults have always rushed within boundaries, mostly to no detriment. Amish just want to be left alone, so they can sweep aside temptations of modernity and technology. The fact that some men possess multiple wives appears illegal but doesn’t harm neighbors or participants. Laws were originated when women were deemed chattel, property, slaves. Long past Emancipation Proclamation and Female Suffrage, wedded bliss persists as a legal mask to which a minority grasps. Today, women can freely choose to divorce, remain single, or remarry. Choice can be a boon. Marriage suits some, surely not eligible others. Don’t need to intercede unless harm’s done or service isn’t rendered. But defining harm and service can be problematic, while domestic disputes do hook down into a deadly zone with pistols and shotguns.

Government’s principle role is to protect, secure Four Freedoms (from tyranny and want, of religion and speech), and serve citizens (not foreigners, green carders, or interlopers) for which taxpayers pay dearly. When officials don’t defend these goals, they immediately become public enemies subject to indictment, rebuke and recall. Incompletions are scandalous and treasonous. Possible reasons might include egotism, insanity, partisanship, self service, and senility, things for which they have enforceable rules and ethical huddles, though members of congress don’t block blitzers or kick out infractors often enough in a mad pursuit to hold own positions. This has led reasonable constituents to question whether they need government at all.

Consider an ungoverned nation. Agencies would cease to inspect drugs, foodstuff, meat, water supplies. Right there, residents would get sick, possibly pass by the millions. CDC combats infectious diseases. Pestilence would otherwise abound. SEC strips package from illegal equity traders. Must regulate industries that could have injurious effects on environment, finances and health. Courts potentially reverse injustice. Widespread deprivation would occur without Medicare, SNAP, Social Security, TANF, and whatever entitlements contributors earn. Enemies would immediately attack if CIA, DOD, FBI and other defenses fumbled, knelt or punted. Gangsters would organize offensive tribes among which you’d have to pick sides. Press might report debacles, but only after you’ve unforgivably lost. Hard to believe any slackjaw detractor of “gummint” would prefer anarchy. What already exists exists for good reasons. Not everyone has your back and plays by rules.

Situationally dependent, forms of government should vary. Capitalism centered purely on profit motives would negate good agencies do. Even now they draw countless complaints for bending to business and not prohibiting products that cause millions of deaths annually. Countries where strategies failed and time of possession passed now subsist on communism. Illiterate medieval masses relied on monarchies to make dire decisions. An educated majority still thrives on democracy, stateside now into its third century. Dictatorships and oligarchies always lack required stability, why populace dreads unnecessary roughness of extremists, Nazis, partisans, supremacists and terrorists.

“Good things take time,” they say. On the other hand, things fall apart over time, too. How are a thriving paradigm and time to train neither unfair advantages nor unlike performance enhancing drugs? Independent wealth provides an almost unbeatable edge. Each generation has to be educated to sustain status quo. Once established, someone must push boundaries for all to advance. In a quest for knowledge, NASA contracts corporations to innovate. To accurately rephrase, “Good things take goals, hard work, intelligence, organization, persistence and time.” Bad things occur spontaneously, require no exertion, surface as soon as you neglect maintenance or stop surveillance. Physicists predict disintegration and entropy according to laws of thermodynamics. Sitting still and twiddling your thumbs summon downfall.

Many an adage, dictum, epigram, maxim, motto or slogan proves false once examined. Proverbs based on common sense or practical experience are called truths, but only when you adopt a certain point of skew. B&C was intended to spew thousands of quotable saws, knowing full well they might not withstand rigorous scrutiny. It’s how humans grow: ask, examine, share results. Samuel Johnson’s apothegm that, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” rings hollow, since better shelters present themselves to patriots, and yellow striped scoundrels persist as outsiders rather than embrace partisans. Besides, as its 1896 ad claims, “Patriot Bicycles have perfect bearings,” perhaps why they were only produced for a single year. Press pissants can’t bear perfection, cast aspersion upon innocents, display contempt despite privilege. Cheaters accuse others preemptively.

”In a hierarchy, participants can be compared and evaluated by position, rank, relative power, seniority, and the like. But in a holarchy each person’s value comes from his or her individuality and uniqueness and the capacity to engage and interact with others to make the fruits of that uniqueness available.”—David Spangler, New Age Pioneer

“There’s no I in Team,” but does offer audible anagrams of, “At me,” “Meat,” and “Tame,” thus tackles tendencies of acceptance, aggression and individuality within relationships and sports. Convening diverse multi-talented individuals of differing strengths has always been ingrained in any victorious scheme. “Next man up,” coaches help joining members progress past storming into performing. Winners withstand attrition through depth, discipline, flexibility, and foresight. But society doesn’t readily confer accolades and rewards. When winning means dough and gain, you can be sure many will contest and protest outcomes.

“A big book is something of a comfort during the bleakest stretch of winter, once that groundhog pronounces more of the same.”—Labann, B&C Blog, 2009. Yes, Gobbler’s Knob has a rodent issue, Punxsutawney’s marmot who predicted another wintery 6 weeks! Worse affect of a bomb cyclone is low barometric pressure sucks down arctic air, then you suffer a blizzard as wet clouds get drawn up from tropics. Doesn’t amuse bicyclists, not one bit.

“Things are bad in this world. Ugly, smelly, nasty—a world full of stupidity and starvation and disease—but things never really get as bad as they should.”—Jim Knipfel, humanist columnist, seeming successor to Alfred Jarry (Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician, 1898) and Hunter Thompson (Proud Highway, “Football Season is Over”).