Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Quiche Lorraine

An eggy dish felt to be too wimpy befits a metaphor for ending with a whimper. Just as well; old blog ran out of headlines that made sense or remotely rhymed with book’s title, because this marks 4th and final year of free book offering. Being ignored hardly seems fair after writing so many unsolicited book reviews [will repeat some here]. Internet sites claim they’ll pay for articles, but just cheat gullible hopefuls. How much tepid content does planet need? Much rather express self unpaid than fight editors, petition courts for cash due, or restrict subject matter. Narcissists run open forums. When thought police arrive, parties die. Why ask permission to speak honestly and passionately? Should be an inalienable right. Complaints increase as you close in on truths.

Quiche isn’t but would be a germane brand name for a French handmade roadie. Guy Andrews drools over details in his coffee table hardcover The Custom Road BIke (Laurence King Publishing, 2010, 224 pp., 250 photos). Its unabashed porn of intimate macro images is nicely balanced by no nonsense copy of confident name dropping and well researched esoterica. Although your experiences might vary from conclusions presented, anyone who wants a break from clumsy Chinese imports and showroom readymades would be smart to read through attentively before finalizing next purchase. Have 45,000 miles on own handmade Italian without any more than routine maintenance. Regularly expect to replace cassettes, chains, handlebar wraps, tires and tubes. Decent forks, frames and wheelsets generally last longer than most cyclists care to go.

Was undaunted yesterday by a long bike commute despite being taunted by bad pavement,  distance of a metric century, fog, frequent railroad crossings, near misses with tractor trailers on narrow roads, and Thor’s rumbling threats while intersecting Oak Street. Unlike pleasure rides, you don’t have time to stop inbound for repairs or shelter. A couple raindrops will never equal next day’s aches in high thighs after pushing hard. Aspirin, rehydration, sleep, standing, and sweatpants all help. Calves once resembled 2 small boxes of heart shaped valentine chocolates, thighs post-and-beam timbers a foot square in cross section, but, as these seated scribbles betray, used to be in far better shape. Would definitely benefit from diet diligence and saddle time. Chase, Clymer, Hooper, Paine and Rush signed Declaration of Independence before bikes ever existed, so never realized what torture pedaling self-reliantly would become. Back then, people hardly ventured from their own villages, never envisioned metropolitan traffic. Cresting an overpass was grateful not to be stuck for once in crawling jam on highway below. Teeming humanity would fit better together if urbanity wasn’t surrounded by automotive shells.

Beaten eggs free of shells make a better food choice than cheap carbs, because you need protein to rebuild blood, cells, ligaments, and torn muscles. Spinach quiche at room temperature satisfies deliciously and nutritiously, especially with a whole grain pastry shell. Why doesn’t Food Network feature a fitness cooking hour? Probably prefer contests among fat cooks with whom viewers identify.

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