Saturday, August 31, 2013

Texas Train

Who brought up Texas and trains? Bikes and trains don't comfortably coexist, never did. Before cars and highways were conceived, trains ruthlessly ran across country and through property. To this day, cyclists can't get around monolithic rail impediments; remaining bridges are left to disrepair. Posterity always considered little people expendable. Unions didn't agree, but they were nearly leveled by Reagan.

Coal magnates and iron tyrants were targeted by strikes as long as they tightened their grip. Then cars supplanted, highways consumed trillions of taxpayer dollars, and railroads, despite efficiency, were deselected. But you know they'll be back, because coal is still plentiful and wood renewable. Those who think of artificial bicycles as a cure to motoring should probably instead invest study and time into biological horses. Once oil disappears and oil tarred roads crumble, ponies will be the way to ride between home and station.

What are those trying to dispel myth of robber barons going to do when they inevitably resurface? They never really disappeared, just hid. Columnist Paul Krugman did caution New York Times editorial readers of their invisible, vicious influence.

Who believes Texas came into the fold? Figure Monitor to depict undue optimism in a petroleum producing state. Cost of car ownership stays about $7500/year, also the average one-time amount for a funeral. Boards of Directors, the only ones who share in record stock profits, will milk situation until impossible. Forget communist reform. It's even harder cycling in Moscow than NYC. But since 1990 Cubans have embraced cycling in a big way.

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