Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Brrr, Ukraine

Running before another predicted storm, found roads relatively empty. After months of driving truck through potholes, slick and snow, enjoyed how much easier it was to bike around asphalt hazards, frost heaves, gutter sand, and plow gouges. Lost rear traction for a moment crossing solid ice, but otherwise went everywhere unimpeded except for pathetic conditioning after a 12 week saddle hiatus.

So out of shape can't imagine ever leading another group ride. Never much liked them anyway. Each cyclist goes at a different pace, so where's the group? Solitary suits Labann: No meet up arrangements, repairs on poorly maintained bikes, or sense of disappointment. Yet a lonesome excursion draws unwanted attention from scary gangs in vans, like Ukraine unrest invites Russian incursion. Frigid rides are necessarily short, deter assault, and leave time to uncover undiscovered culture.

Vincent Goodwin couldn't resist treating some of Doyle’s century old Sherlock Holmes stories as graphic novels including “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist”. Crude cartoons add little. Reading 1903 original, you might detect fewer cycling risks for emancipated women than dangers of marrying badly.

Winter on a familiar route reveals new details previously overlooked. Likewise, soon home, find a dozen songs never before mentioned:

Acoustic Syndicate, Bicycle Song [farm rock], Rooftop Garden, Little King, 2013

The Big Sweet, Bicycle Nights, Bicycle Nights, [self], 2013

Island Cassettes, Italian Bicycles, Island Cassettes, [self], 2013

Johnny Random, Bespoken [concrete], [self], 2013

San Marcos Cycling, Share the Road (and 11 others) [Texas pop], Something About Cycling, Kerry Lash, 2013

Erica Viegas, Bicycle, Unravel, [self] 2013

Immanuel Witschi, Bicycle [classical piano], Stepping Ahead, [self], 2012

Halve Neuro & de Zologie - Pakt de Velo [Dutch hip-hop], 2011

Moe'z Art, The Black Bicycle [hip-hop], Beast, [self], 2011

Noly Bes, Mon Velo [Belgian hip-hop], circa 2011

Shera Kelly, The Bicycle Commuters Anthem, The Bicycle Commuters Anthem - EP, [self], 2011

Tania Gill, Bicycle [Toronto jazz], Bolger Station, Barnyard Records, 2010

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