Thursday, May 29, 2014

Here's to Hindbrain

The hindbrain is compromised of 3 parts. Cerebellum may play a role in episodic memory retrieval (Andreasen, et. al., 1999), but together with Medulla and Pons, it surely controls autonomic reflexes, balance, breathing, coordination, muscle flex, tone and twitch, and such bodily functions upon which cyclists rely. So let’s salute this pink blob saddled atop spinal cord that sits in the background but supervises foremost business.

Sometimes look back in shame on mistakes. Don’t always get things spot on. Said blogs can’t post essays or lists, but stubbornly did so anyway. At least a post can be ignored, unlike email blocking queue or phone call that might spell trouble. Can't neglect Bike Month. Hope it was all it could be for you. As a retrospective and wrap, retrieved these overlooked and unmentioned bicycling songs (artist, title [type if not pop or rock], album, label, year) with excerpts of lyrics and links in yet another dismissive missive:

• A2J, Bicycle Ride [Christian], Prove It, Go Media, 2013
• Admamh Roland, Bicycle Ride [Queer folk], You’re Alive, Riotfolk, 2007
• Andy Vaz, Bicycle Love [idm], (single), Yore Records, 2013
• Anthony B, Ghetto Bicycle [dancehall], Riddim Rider, Vol. 15, Jetstar Music, 2004
• The Arrivals, Simple Pleasures in America, Volatile Molotov, Recess Records, 2010. “I don't want just be a bitch, and I don't want to just hate on rich folks, but that's kind of how we have our fun; still just for her this is a positive one. I like the bill of rights, and I like to ride my bicycle, and everybody gets a little piece of the pie. I like to go that extra mile...”
• Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses, Bicycle Bird [Dixieland], New Orleans Compilation, self, 2012
• Basic Astronomy, Bicycle Song [eam], Slow News Day, self, 2009
• Classified, Choose Your Own Adventure 2 [Canadian hip-hop], Self Explanatory, Halflife/Sony, 2009
• Eleanor Friedberger, Owl’s Head Park, Last Summer, Merge Rec., 2011
. "I heard they got used bicycle parts down in Coney Island. There's a Russian there who makes them out on Surf Avenue. I chose my seat and my wheels, one pink and one white. He said come back in an hour, but I got nothing to do. I gave him sixty bucks. I guess they must've been stolen, baby, fine, finally they found their way back to me or you. ...I only took one picture that day. It's me on the bike posing next to a white Lamborghini on Manhattan Avenue in front of that tiny, tiny restaurant... It's the only photo I have of that bike on that day. The boys on the F-Train said that frame was fresh. It was the color blue. But I didn't know my way so... I couldn't ride home to you."
• The Honey Brothers, Green and Gold, Time Flies Like a Peach, Velour Rec., 2012. “Green and gold bicycle... It's gonna be a long walk home without you. The road is winding, the path is empty and bare. And it feels binding 'cause you're just never there. You're up ahead now. It's impossible to see. Your hair is shining. Maybe you're following me. There's so much space here and so little time. I watch you mounting your green-gold bike in the sky.”
• Ral Partha Vogelbacher, Wrong Bike [Britpop], Kite vs Obelisk, Monotreme Rec., 2004
• Ricky Fitzpatrick, Bicycle, (single), self, 2013
• Sam Bisbee, Alltime Low, High, self, 2004
• Spiral Beach, Casual T [Canadian], Ball, Sparks Music, 2007. “If an accident happens, then I can die laughing looking into those high beams. Don’t tell me what happens. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, riding on a bicycle, looking like a casual T. But now I can see that the wheels keep spinning, and I’ll be underneath...”
• The Treasure Fleet, High on a Bicycle, Cocamotion, Recess Rec., 2012
• Yourself and The Air, Bicycles Plus, Who’s Who in The Zoo, Lujo Rec., 2011

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