Monday, March 2, 2015

Take Sleigh Rein

Have almost forgotten what it’s like to ride a bike. February dumped record snow with banks taller than Labann, so for over a month streets have been almost impassable by any vehicle other than a one horse open sleigh or snowmobile. So unreal, never had to shovel off roof before, or trade shift cables for sleigh reins. March began with more of the same. As shown, windowing another chance. Only forecast that matters is when ice base won't refreeze overnight. Hunkered down and researched another collection of previously undiscovered songs and videos:

Andrew Duhon, Tandem Bike, The Moorings
Antonio Pinto, Barbie Bike, MacFarland, USA [sndtrk], Walt Disney Rec., 2015
Ben Ely’s Radio Five, Get on the Mic and Ride it Like a Bike, Transcending Reality, Valve Rec., 2008
Charlene Soraia, Bike (Live), London Sessions EP, Seesaw Records, 2008
Obsessive love of the low self esteemed: “I like the fact you tend to ride out on your bike, and come home after forging for the lonely likes of me.”
Cobson, Like a Bike Without Brakes, single, Anna Muchin, 2007
Cola, Bike Racks, single, 1998
Craig D’Andrea, Three Mile Bike Ride [guitar instr.], Getting Used to Isolation, Candy Rat Rec., 2009
Dan Bern, Bike, Macaroni Cola, self, 2007
Dot Wiggin Band, Banana Bike [juvenile], Ready! Set! Go!, self, 2013
Froggy Fresh, Stolen Bikes [hip-hop], Money Maker, self, 2012
Froggy Fresh, Stolen Bikes 2 [hip-hop], Dream Team, self, 2014
Gadjet, My Bike, Nitro Circus [sndtrk], Give 2 Get Music, 2012
"I’m saving gas money, times are fricking hard."
Heinz Kessling, On Your Bike [instr.], It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia [sndtrk], Extreme Music, 2010
Noted before that cast acted aggressively and stupidly toward bicyclists.
Hey Buster, I Like My Bike [juvenile], I Like My Bike, self, 2015
"When the cold winds blow and the streets are filled of snow, I drive a car. I know it’s not right but I won’t be cycling until the Spring." Managed only 50 miles so far in 2015, so, yeah.
Hurtbird, I Like My Bike, Nature vs. City, self, 2010
James Newton Howard, Sell the Bike [orchestral], Nightcrawler [sndtrk], Lakeshore Rec., 2014
Ambitious sociopath Lou Bloom steals a beach bike and pawns it for camera equipment. Howard scores it like a moment of inspiration.
The Lennings, Bike, Big Beige Car, self, 2007
Lex Zaleta, I Like Bike, Lex’s Laugh Tracks, self, 2007
Maarten Swaan, Broken Bike, Broke Bike, Whatabout Music, 2011
Maia Vidal, God is My Bike, God is My Bike, Crammed Discs, 2012
Hell, yeah!
McBusted, Riding on My Bike, McBusted, Island Rec., 2014
Me Against Myself, It’s Like Riding a Bike, Listen EP, 2011
Memory Waste, Ride All Night: Hipster indies hope to but snub all reasonable safety guidelines.
Michelle Featherstone, Blue Bike, Blue Bike, self, 2009
Mike Merz, Like Riding a Bike, The Odd Side of the Street, Archangel Media Empire, 1999
Mindy Gledhill, Little Red Bike, Pocketful of Poetry, self, 2013
Molly Maguire, Bike, Bike, Portico Music, 2012
The Race, Not Like Riding a Bike, The Perfect Gift, Flameshovel Rec., 2002
Reptar, Ghost Bike, Body Faucet, Vagrant Rec., 2012
Rhye, The Fall, Woman, Polydor UK, 2012
Video depicts a middle age man pining for carefree teen days and taking out his bike. Lyrics have nothing to do with cycling.
Sam Lachow, Brand New Bike [hip-hop], Brand New Bike, Dream & Produce, 2011
Sophie Clements, John Hendicott, Bicycle Samba [concrete], single, self, 2004
Soullone, Riding on My Bike, I’m Broke Like You but I Sound Like This, self, 2010
Sunny Day Rainbows, I Like Riding My Bike [juv.], Sunny Day Rainbows, self, 2012
Tangerine Dream, Dolls in the Shadow, Melrose, Private Music, 1990
Album cover and video shows trio riding bicycles. Founding member and pioneer of synthesized music Edgar Froese died on January 23rd, 2015, at age 70, and is survived by group’s lead guitarist Jerome Froese, his son. Keyboardist Paul Haslinger has long since gone solo. Group was notorious for producing over 100 classically inspired albums and surrealistic soundscapes in games like Grand Theft Auto and numerous films. They were listed in B&C’s appendix for song Three Bikes in the Sky.
Terry Mardell & The Bikestars, I Like to Ride My Bike, single, 2010

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