Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kid Charlemagne

Too much riffing and skewing on same topics - automotive carnage, bad behavior, economic injustice, perdition of privilege, perils of pollution, wars over resources - paints an intimidating image, not at all like nostalgic vignettes of beloved racists Currier & Ives. Was trying to focus on crucial realities rather than waste time on piddling trivialities. Must acknowledge a problem before formulating solutions, but pleasant words do mollify and suffer fools to get by. Vast majority goes harmlessly about its duties. Evil only exists because grating emperors, mob bosses, and smug rulers, who never progressed past infantile itches, intentionally will it, while sheep obliviously obey. Wouldn’t happen if never enabled. Crybaby and motherly instincts at play? So who’s responsible? Never one culprit, guilt enough to go around, but ought not blame victims. Society expects those they reward to be grateful and share with needy, but who enforces, monitors and prosecutes? When will billions of souls act collaboratively and address collectively their first priority: Being happy together? Murder perpetuates imperialism, rewards terrorism, and solves nothing.

Everyone defines “satisfied” differently. A chicken in your pot once sufficed. Now hardly a helicopter, penthouse, and 60 sex fantasies make any dent in your insatiable sickness. Across the spectrum of fulfillment, perversion and seduction, freedom from fear and pain cannot be achieved. Why allow a few to distance themselves from suffering and worry at the expense of everyone else? That’s truly masochistic. When necessities turn into commodities, they inflame anxieties. No one can survive without access to important information, arable land, breathable air, electricity, education, fuel utility, livestock slaughter, medical care, potable water, preserves canned, sheltered apartment, transportation, and waste management. Such desiderata should be free. Anything beyond you’d earn yourself, unless for freely distributing them you need a state subsidy. As long as everything runs on money, inequities remain, because a small minority will always be more adept at piling coins higher, as if that was ever a commonsensical aim.

A system of equal credits per day per person that can be exchanged, given, lost when expired, or saved until needed would eliminate printed currencies, resource shortages, and unequal salaries. Gamblers and gluttons might have to go without once squandered, though who can’t survive until midnight renews allotments? Yet what incentive would there be to starting a business, taking on some back breaking or mind numbing chore, or volunteering to defend? Backbiters would scream this amounts to abominable government interference, and they might be right. But who exactly does current system favor? Gorgers, hoarders, warmongers, whoremongers? Moderate appetites benefit both self and society. You can have it all, just not all at once. Freezing fortunes ultimately helps no one. When cash flows steadily, everyone celebrates, eats well, enjoys a resort ever so often, and goes home happily.

Socialism is a utopian notion that can’t prevail on its own. It already exists alongside capitalism, communes, democracies, dictatorships, monarchies, and tribes run by shamans and warlords. Situationally dependent, all seem to be required somewhere. No point introducing anything progressive; the higher the level of organization, the quicker it collapses. Probably need a simpler form that can be applied worldwide. Clearly, self control is simplest, though never proven effective except among the enlightened. If you don't exercise your mind, you might fall for the insidious Cult of Conservatism that breeds fear, cultivates division, and disseminates lies over airwaves and through institutions. Media moguls augment their own assets, so you already know where they stand, never with rearguard Roland at Roncevaux or you in a worldwide recession of their making. You don't have to be a millionaire to believe everyone wants whatever you possess, though those who have a lot will fall farther. Freedom implies you have nothing left to lose except your life. Don’t steal candy from a baby, take from someone who won't miss it.

“Some things will never change. Son you were mistaken. You are obsolete... Get along, Kid Charlemagne... Clean this mess up else we'll all end up in jail... Is there gas in the car?” Cool undervalued jazz, Becker & Fagen rebelled against capitalist disco. “From their boats of iron, they looked upon the promised land, where surely life was sweet. On the rising tide to New York City did they ride into the street? See the glory of the Royal Scam.” Steely Dan, The Royal Scam, ABC Studios, 1976.

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