Sunday, February 5, 2017

Decay Sustain

As always, had to release another year of musical attacks. Any list trailing previously mentioned 2016 song La Bicicleta by Shakira has to exhibit matching bump and grind, so don’t disappoint. Endless sex and gets exhausting, not to mention the stench. Highlights? Bizarre retro theme from Song a Day, and the surprising raw talent of duo called Bicycle, not to be confused with same named 90's pop band.

Because only surface sells, artists who don't groom or show low appeal at start often languish in gloom. Likewise, authors so despise marketing selves they'll write for free or stifle their voice rather than prostitute talents. Their drive to secure fame steadily relents after being repeatedly fingered with derision and sniggers. Most read nothing anymore but headlines and twitters. You can shut up altogether or stay your course, but unless you produce daily your abilities wither. Either way you'll be maligned and misinterpreted as everyone paints their own intentions into your delineations by number. Perfectly lay it all out, whatever you say will get obscured under layers of graffiti as if newsprint facts beneath an uncouth Basquiat outburst (shown, The Bicycle Man, 1984). Consider yourself lucky if you find some soul to travel alongside at least part of your way, because earthbound everything, relationships especially, are subject to decay.

Albeezy (Albert Gordon), Bicycle [Honduran hip hop], single, self, 2016

Amir Hedayah, Meena's Bicycle [orch.], Oticons Faculty Soundtrack Media, Recording Intl, 2015

Bicycle, The Way You Hurt Me, Bicycle [no specific bike lyrics, but certainly signifies], Ted M. Clements, 2016

Bicycle, Fallen, Bicycle [no specific bike lyrics], Ted M. Clements, 2016

Breathing, Magic Bicycle, 2014 Breathing Mix Tape, self, 2015

Chris Berry & The Bayaka of Yandoumbe, Bicycle [African folk], Oka!, Oka Prod., 2011

Consortium of Genius, Suite from Bikeman Begins, The FuMP (Funny Music Project), Vol. 28, Fidim Interactive, 2011

Insane Ian, Spaghetti Bicycle, The FuMP, Vol. 57, Fidim Interactive, 2016

The Laurie Berkner Band, Bicycle [juvenile], Superhero, Two Tomatoes Records, 2016

Lex Dumitru, Omega Rose, Omega Rose [soundtrack], self, 2016

Mammoth Life, Bicycle Rider, The Singles: 2006 to 2016, Nicholas Goss & Elizabeth Mead, 2016

Parks, Squares and Alleys, Bicycle, Against Illusions and Reality, self, 2015

Rob Cantor, Old Bike, Not a Trampoline, self, 2014

Selva, The Public Bicycle [French], Segell Microscopi 2014-2015, Microscopi, 2015

Song a Day, G&O Bike Love Theme Song, Spring, 2016, Jonathan Mann, 2016

Stephen Advance & Juan Davor, Hoffman’s Bike [glitch beats], Minimal in 2016, Flat Belly Ltd, 2016

The Trip it is, French Girl Sets off on Fifties Bicycle, Ten Thousand Things, Trip, 2016

Twilight Sleep, Bicycle [alternative], Twilight Sleep, self, 2004

Wallfisch, Benjamin, Bicycle [instr.], A Cure for Wellness [soundtrack], New Regency Music, 2017

“Well, I'm so tired of crying, but I'm out on the road again… You know the first time I traveled out in the rain and snow, I didn't have no payroll, not even no place to go… Don’t you cry no more, ’cause it's soon one morning down the road I'm going… But I ain't going down that long old lonesome road all by myself… I can't carry you, baby. Gonna carry somebody else.” Canned Heat, On The Road Again, 1969

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