Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pedalers Vilaine

Lock up your daughters and sons, here comes a new season of scary metrosexuals in spandex skinsuits on their sweaty bicycles. Ruddy, trim and wiry, they swiftly ply neighborhood lanes noting everything they encounter. Loose ends, raw nerves, silent witnesses, these terrorists spread fear among no-nothings and loathing among nimbys. Can’t allow any naughty, ugly p├ędalier of color or contrast to pillage and rape, can you? Propelling self does build testosterone and trigger libido. Podium lovelies air kiss winners, so never smudge their lipstick. Races are so spartan promoters will do anything to boost salacious interest.

Until the Middle Ages, procreation was imperative. Amidst general ignorance, penurious serfdom, rough conditions, rotating plagues, sketchy remedies, and wars between city states that never seemed to end, lives only lasted a few decades. Half of infants died, 35 years was average, and 40 years a ripe old age. Planet's entire population hadn't yet exceed five hundred million, below seven percent of current total. Societies required bodies. Kings coveted military meat. Teen girls were treated as if livestock. Souls were damned if they engaged in pleasures that didn't inseminate. Courtly love impressed manners upon knights and lords which masked their selfish ravishes. Although it persisted for over a millennium, the Holy Roman Empire did nothing to quell roaming hands or warring allegiances, and was no form of governance. The dead were grateful to be free of religious delusion and remorseless rule.

Until The Renaissance, sex was a chore among countless others, since you yourself had to make everything you needed by hand, including tools required to produce, or suffer deprivation or hunger. This was true for everyone except royalty, who forcibly extracted taxes and never had to serve own needs. Courtiers grew soft, indulged their whims, and tested mismatching slots or tabs. Contemporary plays, one of the few amusements then available, featured men in women's parts. A bawdy era, took centuries to formalize roles and hide attractions under bloomers, corsets and layers. Lace and mystery just added allure. Virgin queens inspired Victorian cults full of high minded manners, moral hangups, and other such hokum. Then came horrifying wars to end all war that nevertheless saw unabated population escalation.

After WWII, each affluent American began to plan for a lifespan of 70 years or more. As consequences of a century of science and war, medicines improved, middle class emerged, and public mostly lost its will to participate in senseless aggression. Attitudes changed toward child bearing and marriage vows. No longer a duty demanded by merciless despots, lovemaking could be mutually satisfying and sooner recreational. Baby making boomed. Pornography and prostitution mushroomed, proliferated, rocketed though they always existed alongside civilization since the beginning. By the 1960’s, with condoms and pills widely available, birth control begat free love. But AIDS and STDs stifled gratuitous orgies. Alternative erotica, renewed monogamy, and same-sex marriage were survival responses. In the process, bond normalcy had been completely redefined.

By 2000 most were aware that homosexuality was not a perverse compulsion but possibly a result of breeding, hormones, nature, nurture, and whatever society permits. Nobody knows for sure what attracts individuals. Gender identity occurs despite celibacy. Lanes run in both directions. If men don't happen to have a lot of testosterone, they won't appear bearded or muscular. Humans fill a spectrum from asexually androgynous to demurely feminine to ultra machismo, even change by decades, go from firm to flabby, then sag embarrassingly. Furthermore, this reveals nothing about what Kama Sutra poses they prefer with whom. One must be fit to engage in any position beyond missionary, but assorted forms of foreplay appeal to obese majority. One's body mass, joint flexibility, personal grooming, and other attributes attract particular partners. One seeks whatever best suits. Chances to copulate are commonplace; couples sleep together; indulgence happens constantly. Human rights entitle individual choices, force no restrictions, and grant lawful protections.

Some bigots find these facts painfully unbearable. Their values don’t permit any deviation from prejudiced templates. Men are supposed to appear hard, carry own weight, enjoy NASCAR and NFL, man up, and supply brute force when not swilling beer. Women are supposed to be curvy, silly, unavailable, and unreliable; if they aren’t pretty, then they better be able to clean and cook, although men are not supposed to expect anything at all from them. Well, that leaves out 95% of humanity, who don’t consider these puerile stereotypes rules, rather what those in power prefer because it fulfills their cravings for domination and wealth. Majority values tolerance. Any code of conduct that doesn’t is both cretinous and ludicrous.

Feminine, masculine, or something else, all are just labels anyway. Name calling, the crudest of disagreements, sets up dichotomies that monsters exploit. Legbiters seem to feel they have to fight for recognition, when really everyone must struggle for a share in whatever resources exist. Don’t let yourself be labeled, marginalized, or reduced to a letter designation, LGBTQ. Be more tolerant in general; bigotry backfires; don’t alienate allies.

Any group made to feel as if they don't belong will gaily stand apart and unify with pride. Should they not march for acceptance? Why do you care? Got to wonder about those who can't stomach what others do out of obvious affection, possibly love, for each other, excepting gross behaviors in public places. Get a room. Jealousy and stupidity usually drive such hateful imbecility. Just how creepy or demented is a third of nation who voted willfully to crown Pere Ubu as king? And is that asking a 'pataphysical or rhetorical question? Beauty and truth cause trouble and wars. Lies and ugliness go with rude flow.

The time to rid Congress of these vultures was during the last election cycle. After obstructing president for 8 years, conservatives drove government agencies to the brink of closure, forestalled any substantive service improvements, and neglected infrastructure maintenance. In short, they suppressed anything that might detract from their transfer of $50 trillion from public treasury into private hands. Voter resentment resulted in replacing a figurehead, not those who created problems with which real contributors must deal.

Other affiliations one can’t condone are domestic terrorists, historical revisionists, moslem jihadists, neo-nazi homophobes, predatory parasites, religious fanatics, right wingers, and white supremacists, who don’t know how to share, rather watch you die, and want it ALL for themselves. All of what? Profits directly billow from billions working cooperatively, the more participants the stronger reciprocity ensues, something around which they can’t wrap their inadequate IQs. Pits a 75% majority against a 25% cadre of squares who’ll stop at nothing including crusades and genocide to honor pretend oaths to atheist, christian, jewish or moslem conceited bulls and neutered edicts. America’s Pledge of Allegiance concludes, “With liberty and justice for all.” Maybe they’d be happier elsewhere under an autocracy. Leave it or love this diverse melting pot of tempest tossed flotsam, who found a way to become the greatest country on earth through unprecedented autonomy. Yet freedom remains a frangible ideal, tenuous despite widespread espousal, vulnerable to bullies and thugs whose egos are insulted. Rather let pass a solitary cyclist with a filthy ass than kiss up to any ruthless sadist in an office or suit.

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