Friday, January 15, 2016

Melodically Unchain

Recent, or recently discovered, song releases reinforce the notion of an ongoing bicycling culture, haunting but not at all ghostly. Such a persistent enthusiasm, oh my darlings, you're likely to see garden planters and lawn ornaments that resemble bicycles, though why someone wouldn't just use a flea market bargain instead mystifies. Owners sometimes leave them on curbs for garbage collectors, too, the source of many "ghost bikes". When not hanging on his Harley soft tail hog, the late actor Patrick Swayze was known to ride a vintage Schwinn on set of The Beast, a 2009 television series set in Chicago.

Big Sweet, The, Bicycle Nights, Bicycle Nights self, 2013

Craig Morrison, Pedaling Home, Cityscapes, self, 2013

Davine, A Bicyclette [French, cover of Yves Montand song], single, self, 2015

Derek Bishop, Bicycling in Quicksand, Bicycling in Quicksand, Perryville Rec., 2015

Dieselcreek, Bicycle Ride, Bicycle Ride self, 2013

Don Peris, Bicycling [guitar instr.], The Old Century, Badman Rec., 2013

Ghost of Monkshood, Bicycling in the Pitch Dark, Lift, Dualtone Music Group, 2008

Kristin Allen-Zito, Pedaling My Bike, The Atlas, self, 2010

Laurel Zucker, Bicycling Uphill for Flute & Double Bass, Journeys, Cantilena Rec., 2011

Mari Rosa, Bicycle Wheel, Bicycle Wheel EP, 2015

Natalie Jeane, Bicycle Song, single, self, 2015

Piotki, A vélo [French], á toi de voir, self, 2015

Renton 7, Handlebars, Handlebars EP, self, 2015

Roey Fitzpatrick, Bicycling Down Boulevards [Aussie], Diamonds and Rain, Star Hill Studio, 2014

Troty, Rowery [Polish], single, self, 2013

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